Transformational travel is transforming the landscape of tourism. It is projected to grow in popularity this year as experienced globetrotters seek tailor-made experiences for the opportunity to connect deeply with themselves and the people and places they visit. Conscious businesses are responding to this trend by thinking outside the box to provide travellers with uniquely […]

The global wellness market is quickly gaining momentum with no signs of falling off the wagon anytime soon. According to The Global Wellness Institute’s, The 2017 Global Wellness Economy Monitor, health and wellness is one of the World’s largest and fastest growing industries – and it’s here to stay. Wellness tourism, a key sector of […]

This summer, the little known islets dotting the shores of Europe will likely see more foreign faces as visits to remote island destinations are growing in popularity. Among the travel savvy, the archipelago of nine volcanic islands off the Atlantic shores of Portugal are on the list of must-sees. However, to most this unspoiled paradise […]

I admit I was one of those people who had a negative perception of Dubai because of its geographic location in the Middle East. Its only after I had met with suppliers from Dubai and a colleague visited the destination, that I really got to know the truth about the vibrant city. Below are some […]

I don’t even know where to begin with all the positive things I have to say about Ireland so I will start here; everyone I spoke to prior to my experience in Ireland made it very clear that they loved the country or really wanted to visit it. Now I know why they very so […]

The Olympic Summer Games begin this August and packages are still available. Experience the thrill of a lifetime at the most anticipated sporting event of the year. Below are two great package options to choose from: 8 Night Opening Ceremony Experience  – August 4th – 12th 2016 What’s Included – Based on 2 Guests – […]

If you are disappointed about missing this year’s Masters, don’t worry there is always next year. And it is never too early to secure your groups place at the prestigious 2017 event. As a company owner you need to make your team and your clients feel special. That is why we put together this unique […]

January is Masters promotion month! This is your chance to secure a spot at the most prestigious golf tournament of the year and SAVE. Check out the 2 options available. Of course we can customize. The tournament begins April 4th 2016. The Experience A Masters Ticket Package through Metracon Travel Group means much more than […]

Stepping foot in the chic and contemporary 1 Hotel South Beach, you see exactly what you would expect from a fabulous Miami hotel on the seen and be-seen South Beach strip. Gorgeous, luxurious and contemporary is everything that I love in my accommodations and this property is all that. The good news is once I […]

Motivational incentives serve a dual purpose: employee retention and employee recognition. It is essential to attract and retain your top employees by creating an environment where they feel appreciated for the work they do for your organization. Well-organized reward (non-cash) programs can be employee or management driven or both. These programs help in motivating your […]