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 Incentive Travel

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Metracon Specializes in Incentive Group Travel - Travel Programs with Purpose to Inspire, Motivate and Reward

Metracon is an incentive group travel company based in Toronto.  We deliver memorable travel experiences designed to inspire, motivate and reward. Whether it is a VIP reward trip to Las Vegas, a group incentive program or a once-in-a lifetime sporting or entertainment event like the Masters, Super Bowl or Music Awards show, we are your source for creative and motivational travel.

At Metracon Travel, we believe in the benefits of experiential rewards and we pride ourselves in providing unique and memorable travel experiences for our clients. Travel is an incredibly motivating force. We know that an impactful trip can inspire and motivate participants to translate their travel experiences into greater productivity in the workplace and well-being at home. 

We specialize in arranging meetings, executive retreats, team-building programs and client appreciation trips that reflect the unique and individual needs of our clients. Whether it's a small group escape to Las Vegas, a large conference or once-in-a-lifetime incentive program to the Serengeti, we create meaningful and impactful travel programs.

Looking to break away from work with a wellness retreat or a luxurious leisure trip? We're happy to help with that, too. We live and breathe travel and love delving into the details, so you don't have to. Contact us today to learn more!




What is Incentive Travel?

A well planned incentive trip will motivate, reward and inspire your team. Our highly experienced and passionate team continually researches new product and destinations to ensure we are sourcing the latest travel solutions for your business. Incentive travel offers exciting, highly-motivating opportunities for your best-performing employees to feel driven, appreciated and to bond over shared travel experiences.