3 Unique Holiday Destinations for Incentive Groups

Holiday travel is a unique experience. Whether your holiday trip grants the sights and tastes of nostalgia from the old world or breaks from tradition with an escape to the exotic, changing things up over the holidays has its rewards. We've hand picked some delightful and distinctive destinations that we're sure will leave your delegates inspired and brimming with holiday spirit.

1. Argentina

Why go?

Where else but in Argentina would traditional Christmas dinner be a barbecue feast? An outdoor barbecue or Asadois enjoyed with family as a picnic or poolside in South America's hot summer season. On midnight of Dec 24th families flock to the streets to watch the fantastical fireworks light up the sky that can be heard crackling until the wee hours of dawn Christmas day. And dancing until dawn is another Argentine tradition. Those feeling the holiday heat head to the boliches, parties known to rival New Years Eve with their spectacle, drawing out hundreds of Argentinians, expats and visitors for a night of revelry. 


Crowd watching fireworks over water in Argentina
Crowd dancing at a boliche in Argentina

What to do?

Take your incentive group off-the-beaten path with a tour hosted by The Outdoor Vibe. Explore colourful Buenos Aires and its cultural delights, then venture northeast to the province of Salta from which your group can embark on a 10 day 4x4 adventure through 1710km of the surprising and challenging landscapes of Puna de Atacama. The route starts in the Yunga Jungle, winding through the foothills of the seven-colour mountain to the arid region of the Humahuaca Gorge. Then, continue to Tolar Grande to visit Ojos de Mar, home to stromatolites over 3.5 billion years old! Explore the salt flats of the Altiplano, volcanoes and villages on this unique excursion through Argentina's otherworldly terrain. Whatever your group desires, be it trekking, fishing, rafting, The Outdoor Vibe are experts in providing custom tours to meet your incentive group's needs.

Tour group stand in front of raft in Argentina



2. Denmark

Why go?

The Christmas Markets! Denmark could easily be called the capital of Christmas markets as the country explodes with vendors serving up traditional Danish delicacies as early as November. Take your time shopping for that perfect Danish-designed gift while warming up with a cup of Glogg and snack on Pebernodder. Dane's celebrate the holiday season with parties almost every weekend throughout the month of December. At the party or Julefrokost, guests toast with a glass of snaps every half hour! From Christmas-themed beers to superfluous spreads of smoked fish, cheeses and desserts, the cuisine and libations alone are reason to visit this Nordic wonderland for the holiday.

Julefrokost display of various Danish dishes
Christmas market at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen

What to do?

Take your incentive group to Copenhagen to tour the famous Tivoli Gardens. Founded in 1843, it's the oldest amusement park in the world and northern Europe's biggest Christmas market with 20 acres of rides and festive treats. Visit the Royal Danish Playhouse where Christmas vendors dot the picturesque Nyhavn canal. Then, attend the Royal Copenhagen's Christmas Tables, a unique tradition since 1963, royals, artists and celebrities set the tables with beautiful collectables and porcelains every year. Groups can also get a backstage tour of the Modern Opera before boarding a private boat tour of the canal with a jazz band. Afterward, buckle up your blades for an evening of ice-skating at Frederiksberg Park under the twinkling lights.

Royal Copenhagen Christmas Tables table setting


3. India

Why go?

Go for the light shows. Christmas celebrations in India, the land of festivals, are as bright and colourful as its varied cultures and traditions. During the holidays, Church buildings come alive with brilliant lights and local markets are fashioned in colourful flowers and sparkling stars. Christmas treats or kuswar, are just as varied as the colonial influences from whence they came; from sweet dumplings and fruitcakes reminiscent of British plum puddings, rose cookies carried over from the Dutch and French macarons, to more locally-inspired banana chips and deep-fried lentil balls. On Christmas day, in lieu of presents, boxes of homemade kuswar are delivered to neighbours, family and friends. This sweet tradition is followed by a lunchtime feast and dancing til the break of dawn, when friends head to the beach to welcome the sunrise.

Hanging red stars during Christmastime at local market in India
Gulab jamun in a white bowl with garnish

What to do?

Take an incentive trip through India's Golden Triangle; a fascinating introduction to India. Start with a journey to Old and New Delhi, including the iconic India Gate, Parliament House and palace Red Fort UNESCO World Heritage site. Then, take the train to the city of Agra to visit world-famous Taj Mahal before embarking for romantic Rajasthan to explore the exotic textiles, spices and jewels of Jaipur. Next, head to Samode, an ancient caravan city, to wander its numerous palaces and temples such as the sacred Mahadeva, where you can pray to Lord Shiva to grant your wishes. Your group can then venture off-the-beaten-track on a 4x4 Jeep Safari to the surrounding villages for a taste of the authentic. Be sure to stay at one of the Oberoi Hotels for a little piece of luxury.

Human's Tomb in Delhi exterior view at dusk

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