Novel Incentive Travel in Stunning Namibia

Gazelle walking across African plain hills in background

by Nicole Viduka

Transformational travel is transforming the landscape of tourism. It is projected to grow in popularity this year as experienced globetrotters seek tailor-made experiences for the opportunity to connect deeply with themselves and the people and places they visit. Conscious businesses are responding to this trend by thinking outside the box to provide travellers with uniquely rewarding, bespoke experiences. Here, we explore stunning Namibia and its opportunities for impactful, transformative incentive trips.

Increasingly, delegates are looking for more than just a memorable time – they want to come home changed, transformed. We’re already familiar with some of the health and wellness benefits of travelling: reduced stress, decreases in heart disease, improvements in mood and relationships (Huff Post, Benefits of taking a vacation, 2016). Although, as we know, these positive effects have been found to diminish after a few weeks back in the daily grind just as we begin to dream of our next trip.

Transformative travel takes these experiences deeper. It is a mindful approach to travel that, according to the Transformational Travel Collective (TTC), can be a catalyst for change with far reaching affects. Transformative travel is about exploring experiences with a lasting impact that not only transform us – our lifestyles, habits, worldviews – but, have lasting benefits on those around us; family and friends who may not have even accompanied us on our trip.

We’re just beginning to unravel the benefits of self-reflection and deep connection to others and the planet gained while exploring the globe. Transformational travel will inevitably continue to evolve as more travellers become intentional and purpose-driven in their pursuits.

Experts are pointing to Africa as the hot spot for this evolution in transformative travel. Below, we explore Namibia and the countless opportunities it offers for connecting with wildlife, indigenous cultures and mind-blowing landscapes that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. Spitzkoppe, a group of bald granite peaks more than 120 million years old in the Namib Desert, is a strikingly beautiful sight. A mountain climber’s dream (great for novices, too), the mountain range is adorned with ancient Bushmen rock paintings. The Skiptzkoppe Mountains were also the location for the filming of 2001: A Space Odyssey in the “Dawn of Man” sequences. Venture on a guided climb or hike through the boulders before viewing a vast canvas of stars, while camping on one of Spitzkoppe’s many tranquil and secluded campsites.



2. Etosha National Park, a wildlife sanctuary in northwest Namibia, is home to hundreds of species of birds, mammals and reptiles that roam freely. The salt flat is so large it can be viewed from space and wildlife is easily spotted congregating around the waterholes that perforate the majestic landscape. Take a guided game drive to catch a glimpse of the elephants, giraffes and cheetahs that roam the region, ending the day with a traditional slow-cooked Boma dinner under the stars.

Zebras and ostriches around waterhole at Etosha National Park

3. Visiting with the Himba Tribe is a unique experience for travellers wishing to learn from this indigenous culture. It’s an opportunity to support local artisans and the preservation of traditional Himba customs. The Himba are famous for the red ochre cream they craft and apply to hair and skin, reportedly to distinguish the men from women. Dedicated to responsible tourism, Vulkan R facilitates tours to visit with the Himba people for an authentic cross-cultural connection. If you decide to visit a Himba village, be sure to choose a tour guide dedicated to promoting cultural awareness and sustainability.


Are you looking for a bespoke, novel experience for your next group incentive trip? Contact us at Metracon Travel to help you create a transformative travel itinerary your group will forever remember.